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Fishing Calendar 2018


  • Early April – lobster pots get set- maybe
  • Later April – Tautog, Stripers – limit to near shore (furthest to wreck (3-4 miles)
  • Early May – Tautog, Stripers, Scup
  • Mid May – Tautog, Stripers, Scup, Bluefish
  • @May 21- Black Sea Bass added
  • @May 22- Fluke added
  • June- Fluke, Black Sea Bass, Scup (mid-June-October), Stripers throughout Buzzard’s Bay- especially Cuttyhunk. Tog are gone
  • July-same as June
  • August-same as July -Sea Bass ends @August 31
  • September- same as August- Fluke ends@ Sept 23. Tautog return!
  • After September 23- Stripers, bluefish to November, Scup
  • Oct. Bluefish and Stripers, Tautog, Scup
  • Nov. Tautogand maybe schoolie Stripers


  • April and May- mostly open days in the mornings
  • Full day charters should start when fluke and Sea Bass open
  • We will target stripers when appropriate (according to the migration)
  • If not booked for private charter, open boat days may open up
  • Start Full day charters for Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
  • Open boat day will be Tuesday and any day that stays open. (Flex here)- keep a list of interested open boat clients.